Link love #5

How to organise your wardrobe – Chereen Strydom I have absolutely been loving Chereen’s blog, For the beauty of it. Since the beginning of the year she has been posting organizational tips (but tips that she has been enforcing in her own life which makes them great tips). With me trying to simplify my life all … More Link love #5

Dealing with anxiety

Much like depression and other mental illnesses, anxiety sufferers often suffer in silence. Instead of seeking help or talking about it, they battle their mind on their own. I am very open about my anxiety, I speak about it (I actually speak about everything because I genuinely believe this helps most situations in some way). I … More Dealing with anxiety

A way with words

I got to meet one of my favourite authors, Jodi Picoult on Wednesday night. She is not what I expected, but more. She is such a natural with words, not only on paper but in person too. I sat listening to her reading a snippet of her book, then telling us all about her research … More A way with words

A simple life

I never wanted a simple life you know – In fact,  I always wanted to be busy, I wanted lots of things, I wanted all the trends and clothes. I wanted for so much that there was no way anything could be simple. But then I grew up or I changed or something like that and … More A simple life

THE dress hunt

My big day is coming up so I started the year off with a bang – dress shopping for my wedding. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted and I was not going to stray from it – no bling or poof, it was going to have lots of lace and be … More THE dress hunt

Making moves

I have moved more times in 25 years than many do in their lifetime. Some of the moves have been exciting (the time I moved into my first home with the fiancé) and others not so much (my move from JHB to Durban in the middle of Grade 8) but through all the moves I … More Making moves