Spice Goddess Event – My fave event of the year

Not that I didn’t enjoy any other event that I attended this year but there was something special about this one…. the energy! It was just a small group of ladies, some I had met, some I hadn’t but I knew who they all were.

The whole day was built around being genuine, being inspired and unleashing your inner goddess and after the special treatment we got, the inspiring talks and just the chats we got to have, I know that the goal was accomplished.

We got spoilt to the max, there wasn’t a time I didn’t have a drink in my hand, I was treated to a divine pedi (Pedi’s are my favourite treat), the food was delish, goodie bags amaze! What more could a gal ask for?

Verushka Ramasami (My Vee) and Sue Levy stunned us all with the whole event and a huge thank you needs to go out to them for organizing everything and making us each feel so special! Both ladies are kind and inspiring and just to have them say a few words was super special to me personally.

The event was held at Be Pampered Spa in Westville and the Mystic Sisters who run and own the spa are downright amazing. They were so giving and  looked after us so nicely.

Fuze Tea supplied us with drinks and let me tell you that I am addicted.

One of the best parts for me was winning the beautiful Anni King purse/clutch.

The goodie bags were massive and there are so many sponsors to thank which I have done on Twitter.

Take a browse through some pics from the day


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