Link Love #4


Oh, How Pinteresting

Pinterest has predicted some trends for 2015, you can read all about it in the above link and see the The Pinterest 100 board.

Status anxiety

One of my fave ladies on Twitter sent me this link by The School of Life on YouTube and I was so grateful because sometimes you just need to hear these things. Do yourself a favour and watch it, it makes SO much sense.

10 different ways to vary your blog content

Jenny’s blog is one of my favourites for advice, content sharing, ideas and tips. This blog post is quite helpful if you need some tips for content. I always love reading other people’s thoughts and ideas about blogging because not only do they help me but they et me see other people’s thought processes about blogging and social media.

14 things every fat girls need to hear

This is not only for “fat girls” but for every single woman in the world.

The perfect gift guide for every type of book-fiend you know – Hello Giggles

This is not only helpful for buying gifts but also for if you are looking for new books to read.

What cool links have you found recently? Do share them.


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