Be kind to one another

As I write this I have a splitting headache, very tired eyes and mind and a sore heart but you only know that because I am telling you now. If you were to go and browse my Facebook page or my Twitter feed, you would have no idea about the current heartache, fear and stress I am dealing with. If you were to see me in the street or at the local centre, I would paste a smile on my face and say that things are “good” or “fine”. I wouldn’t dare mention that deep inside I am feeling anything but festive.

The point of this is not to seek sympathy, it is not to receive messages of kindness (although those would be nice) and it is not to tell you that my life is worse than yours, because I don’t know. If I browse your Facebook and Twitter, I won’t know EXACTLY what is going on in your life, what you are celebrating, what struggles you have going on at the moment.

My point is that at any given time someone could be at their worst, someone could be facing a struggle that seems never ending and too big to overcome. They could be worried sick or they could be stressed to the max. Right now someone could be needing a message of encouragement or a simple prayer.

But we forget this! We forget that we are not the only ones with problems. We also take things for granted. We get so wrapped up in trying to be thin or have the best name brands that we forget that life is an unpredicatable bitch at times and that we need to share some love.

We live in such hateful times so we need to be/share/show the love whenever and however we can all the time.

The end of 2014 has been a tough time for me and it seems to be getting worse but I am positive that a lesson is going to come from it (in fact many lessons have already been learnt) and I am hopeful that 2015 is going to make up for it.

Everyone is fighting their own battles daily so kindness, assistance and love is what we should be giving rather than gossip, nastiness, jealousy and, and, and.

Whether it is on social media, in real life, or both, just be a good person. Be the person you would want in your own life. And whether you know what is going on with someone or not, always just be kind for in case they really need it (most of us actually need kindness all the time).

Also, sometimes it is okay to ask for help, sometimes it is okay to put the bad stuff out there and tell others because they could be in the same boat as you, they may have some good advice or they could just say a prayer for you. We don’t have to pretend like we have perfect lives. We don’t have to deal with life on our own and we were not made to be nasty or selfish.

As Ellen DeGeneres says at the end of every show “be kind to one another”


One thought on “Be kind to one another

  1. So true, you never know whats going on behind the scenes. SM is so deceiving, because no one posts their “bad news” really, and so it’s real easy to forget that we only see their highlights reel. xx

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