Link love #3


Please don’t try to cure people of their introvertism on Hello Giggles was my favourite read of the week. I see myself as mostly introverted, in fact, a test revealed that I am an introvert but have extrovert tendencies so I can agree with so many of the points in this piece. I also feel like nobody wants to be an introvert because extroverts are the “sociable” ones but as this piece states “Extroverts seem to have a lot of fun, but maybe it’s because their fun is louder than our fun”. It was also written by a South African woman, Christina Seimenis who I will now be stalking.

20 time Savers for easy mornings is a great read for everyone, unless you work night shift, in which case, just change the word mornings into evenings. Found on

One of my all time favourite blogs is Midlands Musings written by Keri Bainborough who I am yet to meet but who I admire for her writing skills and total honesty. She wrote a post about a poet who I had been dying to know the name of. A poet called Erin Hanson introduced me to a poet whose poems I had noticed so many times on Pinterest and who I even quoted but wasn’t sure who she actually was. I had good intentions of researching her but always somehow forgot so now I know who she is and I am following her work. Keri has posted some of her poems in the post, they are LOVELY!

Girls Illustrated by Nina Cosford. If you are a lover of the show Girls, then you must follow this Tumblr


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