What NOT to gift

It is the time of year when all that is on your mind is the holidays, the gammon, and of course, what to buy everyone for Christmas.

I am pretty much sorted in this department because I am the best gift giver (jokes, I just pay attention to what people like and want/need)

Because I pay such careful attention to what people want, their reactions when they get things they like and when they don’t (Paste smile on face and say “wow, thank you! I love it so much”). I have also been the receiver of some pretty crappy gifts so here is what NOT to gift… ever!

– A photo frame with another family in it or no family at all. If you want to do the frame thing, at least put a picture in it.

– A handmade massage voucher or anything of the kind because while it seems like a good and free idea – it is not! When the receiver wants to redeem it, you will a) make excuses about why you can’t do it today and b) regret the decision for the rest of your life.

– Fragrances, unless you know EXACTLY what the person likes. Do not buy even if you know the person likes sweet things and this smells so much like that other one she likes. NO!

– Ornaments… unless they are cats and you are giving them to me. These are dust collectors and space invaders.

The Pav has an awesome gift guide catalogue to check out and this will give you loads of ideas of what TO gift.

There is also currently a competition on the go where you can win vouchers for The Pav. Enter here


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