Link Love #4

Oh, How Pinteresting Pinterest has predicted some trends for 2015, you can read all about it in the above link and see the The Pinterest 100 board. Status anxiety One of my fave ladies on Twitter sent me this link by The School of Life on YouTube and I was so grateful because sometimes you … More Link Love #4

Link love #3

Please don’t try to cure people of their introvertism on Hello Giggles was my favourite read of the week. I see myself as mostly introverted, in fact, a test revealed that I am an introvert but have extrovert tendencies so I can agree with so many of the points in this piece. I also feel … More Link love #3

What NOT to gift

It is the time of year when all that is on your mind is the holidays, the gammon, and of course, what to buy everyone for Christmas. I am pretty much sorted in this department because I am the best gift giver (jokes, I just pay attention to what people like and want/need) Because I … More What NOT to gift