How my cat judges me

I adopted a cat, she came to our door one cold and rainy evening and crept right into our hearts. When I look at her, I know it was meant to be because she is basically me as a cat. She is a weirdo who does the strangest things, she is super clumsy and she likes to sleep… a lot.

I have recently started noticing her side eye glances and have come to the conclusion that she judges me.

These are the cases where I think she judges me;

When I am “cleaning” but just find somewhere else to put all the crap that is lying around.

When I cry like a baby for long periods of time after watching a sad movie (The Fault in our Stars, seriously guys!) or reading a sad book.

Those times where I put the old school Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake on and sing my heart out.

When I change my outfit about five times in the morning before going to work and still leave in a huff.

Every time I cook (she knows it ain’t good)

When I pick up my tablet because then she knows its Candy Crush time and everything else in the world must wait.

Whenever she looks in my cupboard

When I shout at the TV

This is the adorable face of judgement

One thought on “How my cat judges me

  1. Haha, I totally get that! My cat looks a lot like yours and she is especially not impressed if I tell a bad joke! And I can always tell when she is ignoring me! :p

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