Why I avoid reality

There was a time, not so long ago actually, where I was living in hell. The world was so dark. My mind was a scary place and I was riddled with fear. Every noise I heard made me jumpy, I didn’t want to be at home but I also didn’t want to be out on the road. I didn’t know where I felt safe because fear had taken total control.

We live in a wonderful but scary world and for that time I had forgotten about the wonderful and dwelled on the scary. There were stories and stories about murders, rape, fraud, burglaries, police brutality and it got to me. It turned me into a wreck actually.

One day I woke up and I just unfollowed/unliked all the crime watching pages, I refuse to watch the news and don’t even read the sign boards on the street poles. It has gotten better.

I know it is there, I know these things are happening but I choose to try and avoid them and I choose to block them out, some may think its crazy or even stupid because knowing these things could make me wiser to what the criminals are doing nowadays or how to budget better because petrol is going up again but I choose to rather be a little naïve than live my life in fear and depression.

So I avoid reality like the plague for my own health and sanity. Am I alone?

5 thoughts on “Why I avoid reality

  1. You are most definitely not alone!! I try to stay away from the news. It is just so sad and depressing and makes me want to lock myself in my house. And that’s no way to live. I also choose to be a little naïve… it makes for a much happier me.

    1. The news is TERRIBLY depressing and I can’t imagine why I would put myself through that.
      I agree totally, by being naïve we may or may not be doing ourselves a favour BUT at least we are living a slightly happier and less paranoid life
      Thanks for the comment Charlene

  2. Definitely NOT! I also try to steer clear of the news as much as possible, and I just don’t click on any links that look as though it may be bad news on FB… I’ve found that it’s gotten even worse since Noah was born! As they say, ‘ignorance is bliss’… and as bad as it may seem, I’d rather be ignorant than completely paranoid and looking over my shoulder constantly (though I pretty much already do that!)

    1. Usually I would be happy when I know I am not alone but for this, it saddens me because it just shows how many of us are living with this fear and paranoia. I can imagine how much worse it is since Noah was born because you want to protect him and let him have the best life. I am sure you are doing that though so just keep at it 🙂
      I also am constantly looking over my shoulder and do things in a big hurry so that I am not out and about or in the car for too long but I feel like the less I know and hear about it, the better off I am.
      Thanks for the comment Chereen xx

  3. I live 30 minutes from Howick. I avoid “reality of shopping malls, no tv for 7 yrs, I don’t drink, I don’t eat meat or chicken. I live isolated because the world is vicious. I create my own reality of love and goodness. I pass this on, to whomever I meet because we all need our own space of magic.

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