Link love #2

I have some goodies for you to read this week so enjoy!

I had “the perfect body” and I still wasn’t happy via Mind Body Green written by Madelyn Moon.

This piece is all the proof you need that if you don’t learn to love your body, you never will, no matter how much weight you lose or gain, no matter how many surgeries you go for, no matter how many hours you train a week. A very good read!

Why I am treating my 20s like the new 30s (Erica Piper, Hello Giggles)

Basically, stop wasting time and make your twenties count!

What I have learnt about blog growth by Jenny Purr

Some great tips from a great blogger!

Photographer documents 20 years of basic street style via

Photographer Hans Eijkelboom has photographed people over 20 years in the same spots. He has released a book which is an extension of this article. You really should check it out, you will be very surprised.

The who, what, where, when and why of excellent blogging

When you actually think about the 5 W’s, it could change your whole blogging world.

Are you living an authentic life? By Kate Taylor on Medium

Such a great read and an even better exercise! It will change your way of thinking and make you start doing things about things.

Working with brands by

If you haven’t worked with brands yet or are wanting to get better at it then there are some tips here for you.

I hope you enjoyed these links and have a lovely weekend!


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