Shopping Intervention time

I have mentioned more than enough times on this blog how addicted to shopping I am but what I may not necessarily have mentioned is that how this habit has gotten me into trouble financially all too many times because

a) I am an impulse buyer

b) When I want something, I want it now!

c) It is my addiction

With the new year and wedding coming up I have decided a few changes are in order, firstly, I am going to change from being a quantity kinda girl to a quality bitch so I am going to build a wardrobe with amazing quality basics. Instead of buying a gazillion things every month which I only end up wearing once or twice I am going to buy things I can wear often and change up. Secondly, I want to have focus when it comes to shopping and spending.

These are the rules and guidelines I have put in place for myself, maybe they can help you too;


I often just go to the shops to browse which ends up in impulse buying and a bad case of “I hate myself” when I get home so from now on unless I have seen something online perhaps that I REALLY want or if there is something I need like a new pair of jeans then I will go to the shops, other than that, I will steer clear completely.


From now on, if I see something that I wasn’t necessarily looking for or that I don’t need, I will not buy it on the spot. I will go home and see how I feel the next day, if I still feel like I want/need it then I will go back (I am hoping that the mission of going back for it will eliminate me buying just for the sake of it.


Being a former frugal fashionista I would often fall for the “buy two get one free” or the “free shipping” deals because when I saw that, I suddenly need three of something or I need something off a website because of free shipping. No more, deals! Unless appropriate, they will be ignored.


Once again buying something just because it is a bargain is not a good enough reason to buy it. Trust me, when you have wasted as much money as I have on stupid things because they are reasonable, you learn that nothing is actually a bargain unless you REALLY, really, REALLY want it and will use it.


Not that I do that now but when I like a trend I tend to over buy. I will stick to affordable trend pieces to go with my quality and amazing basics.


I am very ocd when it comes to certain things matching, for example I love when my bag and shoes match so I must take the time to think about what I will wear something with before I buy it.


I have this thing where I want to buy something new for everything that happens, i.e. Christmas party, events, birthday, etc. I will start wearing what is there because once again, I buy for the event and don’t wear again.


I think I will document my wardrobe building and my less shopping progress on the blog. What do you think?

Shop wisely ladies, money isn’t endless (but why isn’t it?)

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