Twitter talk

Now I am no queen of Twitter, in fact, I haven’t even reached the 4 digit followers yet but I spend enough time on Twitter, watching, engaging, stalking  to know about the ins and outs of this social media platform. I have eight hundred and something followers who obviously might enjoy my obsessions, my rants about the “plus size fashion industry” and the links I share and I have loads of love for them because I don’t know if I would follow me.

So let’s talk about Twitter…

– Twitter is not a place to only advertise, whether it be your brand or your blog, do not only post links/specials/about your brand because that will make everyone hate you (well not really but they might subtweet and they will definitely unfollow)

– Behind every tweet is a carefully planned and curated 160 or less characters. People choose what they share so do not get caught up a “my life sucks because I don’t do/know the same things that so and so does/knows”. Social media is the cause of FOMO, life FOMO, event FOMO, materialistic FOMO, friends FOMO, everything FOMO so don’t get caught up in it. Of course there are the few who post with no filter and those accounts rock my world BUT we can’t all be brutally honest and who really want’s to hear about my doctors appointment yesterday? But the point is, just know that everything shared is carefully chosen!

– Real friendships can be made on Twitter because sometimes your Twitter friends are the only ones who understand your frustration with something or your enjoyment of blogging for example. No one in my real life circle of friends blogs so none of them really understand anything about it. In fact, many of my friends in my real life circle don’t even have Twitter so when I need to Twitter, I rely on my Twitter friends.

– Everyone has their own opinion and they are entitled to it so keep that in mind every time you tweet. There will always be those who will disagree in an asshole way, in that case, don’t even engage because then you will be an asshole too, and no one wants to follow an asshole amIright? Also, don’t be don’t be an asshole to get your message across.

– Reply, unless you have millions of followers, there is no reason why you can’t reply, whether it be today or next week, just do your best to reply. There have been so many people I enjoyed on Twitter and perhaps their blog or whatever it is they do but when they don’t reply to you like three times but engage with others in your face then I instantly dislike them. If you want to be active on Twitter then you need to take everything that comes with it, including replying to us mere mortals.

– Do not let Twitter interfere with your social life. Do not be the guy sitting around the table on his phone. Know when it is appropriate to Twitter and when it is not.

– Have fun with it, post what comes to mind, share those cool pics and links, don’t be an asshole, have your own voice and you will be just fine.



7 thoughts on “Twitter talk

  1. Love this – even though my use of Twitter has decreased dramatically in recent months and I could totally be accused of random tweeting (!) I would add a note to all the competition whores about it being used for more than JUST that! I know one or two people whose own tweets are ONLY RT’s of competition links and sucking up to try and win, it’s soooo annoying. It’s like they have made a profession out of entering competitions LOL 😉 Good post K x

    1. Thanks for the comment Ands 🙂
      I CANNOT believe I left that one off, it is something I am always complaining about in my head and now I get the chance to say something and I leave it off.

  2. Love this! Competition whores are definitely my worst!! And then if they see a few people tweeting about them, they throw in a few random “inspirational quotes” straight off pinterest. Blood pressure automatically sky high!

    It’s super easy to acknowledge someone with just a favourite too, if that’s literally all you have time for, at least do that.

    Also – don’t copy paste my tweet and send it out as your own. Either RT, which is what I really want you to do, or quote my tweet. Or thank me for the damn thing!

    1. They are the worst which is why I am so surprised I forgot about them! It effs me off even more when those competition whores are the ones who win, when literally their whole account is one competition entry board. Grrrr!
      Totally agree about the favourite thing too, that is a great way to acknowledge if you don’t have time (but I really feel like if you have time to reply to someone else who might be more “popular” you can reply to me)
      I am yet to be the victim of a stolen tweet but I can only imagine the irritation with that.
      Thanks for the comment Gae and your constant support 🙂

  3. ah man, the frustrations of the competition whores! They’re everywhere and they’re multiplying!! I saw someone post as their status on FB – I’ve joined Twitter to win prizes!
    Great list, so true and I know I’m guilty of a few.
    Another annoyance – those apps that automatically post to your twitter account. I have one that I cannot get rid of!

  4. Love this post. I totally agree with replying to tweets.Even if I’m a little nobody to you, it’s the nobodies like me that make up your twitter following. It irks me to no end. Also the people who use twitter just to complain to companies about their products or experiences!

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