Henry Holland is back with a bang

Shot_05_059v4This is the third collab Henry Holland has done with MR P and if the previous two are anything to go by, you have to be speedy to get your hands on the product you want. The product is hot – matching printed sets, sporty chic separates and sets all in bold prints and hues. Henry’s friend in this collab is of course Chloe Norgaard and she does a fantastic job of making these items even hotter.

I have the full list of products included in this limited edition range so spot what you like and get ready to rush to get it because Henry is back with a bang and everyone wants new balls please (you will get the reference after looking through the products)

Of course, big ups to MR P for keeping it trendy and fun but once again I ask where is the plus size consideration? I know this range will only go up to a certain size and it probably should because it is made for girls with bodies like Chloe but let’s work on something for the plus sizes okay?

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