If you think you have problems…

Yesterday I was angry at the world because I was trying to buy a book using the fiancés eBucks and he couldn’t remember the pin for his eBucks card, I couldn’t phone because I am not a Mr. so I couldn’t buy the book at that specific time.

Then I got home and had my hot meal, washed it down with some cold drink, had a hot bath and watched some TV. These are all things I do everyday and don’t even pay attention to them.

Just before bed I logged onto the net and checked my Facebook feed, this article popped up, “I use a sock as a sanitary pad”  shared by one of my favourite people, Cath Jenkin. Even the title of the article broke my heart, then I read it and went to bed with a shattered heart.

It was the first thing that popped into my head this morning at 5am when I woke up before my alarm (don’t you hate that) and I felt determined to get involved so that is what I am going to do.

Not only am I going to get involved with this cause but I am going to work really hard on my gratitude attitude and I urge you all to do the same (get involved and work on your attitude).

Those of you who reading this have the internet and some sort of technological device to read it on, so how lucky does that make you? But I bet that every time you use it, you don’t even think twice about how blessed you are. Yes, you may have worked hard for it and “deserve it” but how lucky are you to have a job that pays so you can afford what you “deserve”.

Yes, we can all make jokes on Twitter about #firstworldproblems and I can often relate to some of those but in reality are they even really problems? A problem is when you cannot go to school because you have your period but no sanitary pads or tampons. A problem is when there is no food on the table or when you have to go to EXTREME lengths to get food on the table.

Every month end is a stress for me because you know, living on your own and trying to manage money when you have an addiction to shopping… but can you imagine the stress levels of a mother or granny who knows her daughter/granddaughter is menstruating but has no money to get her what she needs.

I feel like a spoilt brat, not because of guilt because I know that life is just life and you cannot feel guilty about what you have and others don’t, but because in a way I am ungrateful for what I have. I forget to take time to appreciate, I forget how much I have when I want more.

Basic hygiene is a human right yet there are people who can’t even afford soap. I am going to help this cause and I really hope that everyone will take a moment to say thank you and perhaps even get on board with the cause as well.

Here is a link to wonderful project that is helping, http://www.dignitydreams.com

This is quite hectic for a Friday so I am going to leave this blog post there but I will definitely not leave the cause and the fight.


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