Link Love #1

I spend a lot of time trawling the net and I am always “adding to my favourites” but it is pretty selfish of me to keep the good reads that I find in my favourite list so I will be sharing what I find.

I have also taken a big liking to reading anything about blogging, social media, PR, etc. because I find the views and opinions of everyone involved in our processes so interesting and refreshing so these will often be featured in link love.

Cue, the first link love blog post

Fear and Creativity by Zack Shapiro on Medium

As a semi fearful creative, I enjoyed this essay.

Why I Blog by Emma Gannon (Blog: Girl lost in the City)

I found Emma’s blog and am hooked on reading everything she has ever written, I have gone quite far back into her archives and am still enjoying her writing style, views and experiences.

What Brands/ PR/ Marketers want from bloggers by Cindy Alfino (Blog: 321 in short)

This is one of the best things I have read in ages because it is so insightful and helps bloggers get a better understanding of the other side of the coin. I really believe that a lot bloggers are too quick to complain, but don’t take the time to think about the fact that the PR company or whoever it is, is just doing their job. Cindy spoke to some of those involved in PR/marketing and they shared some valuable information for bloggers.

How to get beach waves for shorter hair by Chereen Strydom (Blog: For the beauty of it)

Chereen’s hair always looks so lovely and I actually requested that she do a tutorial on how she does her beautiful curls. She did one, yay! She makes it look incredibly easy and my first attempt totally failed but I will keep practicing and get it right eventually because I want hair like Chereen’s.

The 40 books every woman should read – Hello Giggles

I have marked more than half of these as to read. it’s a good list!


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