The best things in life

A simple life.

That is the last thing I would have wanted a few years ago – I was the girl who wanted to be out and about all the time, I wanted to be the girl with lots of things. I wanted to have albums and albums on Facebook of all my fun times with all my friends. But thanks to some very big life lessons I have toned down and learned to embrace and love a simple life, so much so that I wouldn’t have it any other way, even if I could!

These are some of the best things in life;

– A good book

– The outdoors with lots of trees and pretty flowers

– Sitting with a notepad and jotting down thoughts, feelings, ideas.

– Spending the day in bed with your favourite person

– Pets

– The internet. Social media, Pinterest and blogs have all become a huge part of my life that I really enjoy.

– Family time

– A good movie or two

– My blog, what started as just a fun way to practice writing has now become such a big part of my life

– A nice bath, with some bath goodies and music

– Any time spent in a bookstore, a stationary store or a vintage shop

– A really pretty notebook

What are the simple things that you love in life?


2 thoughts on “The best things in life

  1. Love this post, Kerry! I agree with you: I could spend hours browsing a book shop, and there’s nothing more indulgent than stocking up on piles of magazines and indulging in a big reading splurge while drinking a nice, frothy cappuccino on a rainy saturday morning. I also LOVE stocking up on some Lush bubble bars and bath bombs and spending hours in the bath – and endless episodes of Downton Abby are my BEST! xx

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