Let’s not play pretend

Who is the person behind that screen and keyboard? How real and genuine are those words you are putting out to the world on a daily basis?

Blogging and social media has been on my mind a lot lately and there is so much I want to say about the topics but the first thing that needs to be spoken about is the realness of our little (maybe not so little actually) community. I have had a few discussions with various people about how certain bloggers are not what they appear to be when you meet them in real life.

There are also of course the people in our lives who aren’t bloggers who are also as fake as Renee’s new face (that is my new saying by the way). There is just so much fake stank in this world.

Obviously as your own person and own decision maker you choose how much you want to put out there, you also choose what to put out there, you choose how other people see and know you so I cannot figure out why anyone would hide who they are – it is just so much work!

I know that I am 100% genuine online, at work, in everyday life, are you?

So in the spirit of being real, here are some very real facts about me (those who follow me will probably already know some of these)

– I am an obsessive person, I become obsessed with things (not in a scary or psycho way, I promise)

– I have a lot of fears such as falling in the bath, losing all my teeth, being lonely, and many many more.

– I love Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham and am determined to get a tweet/message/email from both of them.

– I love fashion but a lot of the time I look like I don’t know a thing about fashion because I put on whatever I want to (stop the fashion rules)

– I have an extremely addictive personality

– I do not have my drivers license because a) I am terrified of driving and b) I wasted a lot of money on a driving school which only heightened my fear and I haven’t been able to part with that kind of money again to try and get over my fear

– I suffer with anxiety

– I have a very small group of friends

– I regret my blog name but cannot change it now

– I often doubt my writing abilities because I feel I have a very plain writing style but that doesn’t stop me from doing what I love

– I am in love with cities I have never been to

– I am on a mission to make women feel better about themselves and their bodies

– I love my curves but do feel the need to shed a few kilos to be healthy

– I want to be involved with some sort of plus size campaign

– I grew up extremely poor but wouldn’t change it because it gave me the determination I have today

That’s it for now but why don’t you share some of your real “things” with me?

6 thoughts on “Let’s not play pretend

  1. Love this post! I’m obsessive, scared of losing my teeth, the dark, heights and being in pain for the rest of my life due to a chronic illness.

    I love to read, I hoard things probably because I never got to buy stuff when I was younger, I love people and buying gifts for them, I often feel lonely and feel that I don’t have any real friends – the type that will be there for you no matter what and you can tell them anything, if you are mean to me I won’t easily forgive and I hold a grudge. I engage in what I see as discussions on Twitter but people take things personally and are mean then I generally cry about it. I cry easily. And stress a lot.

    This was a really long comment – I love horror movies and strawberries 🙂

    1. Thanks SO much for that super honest comment Samantha 🙂 it made my day!
      P.S I hoard things as well and buy things that I often don’t even need because of being on the poor side when growing up.
      It is so refreshing to hear this and also, didn’t it feel good to just get it out?

  2. I also had a terrible experience when learning to drive. First time bumped a car coming out the parking, didn’t even get to do anything! And every one after that my legs shook so hard that I couldn’t control the car. I also so upset about the money being spent on driving instructors. In the end my dad took over and I got anti-anxiety tablets from my doctor. Best thing ever! 😀
    Hope you find a way to get over your fear

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience and for the words of encouragement Leigh.
      It is something I hate revealing to people because only those who have a fear or who have been through something understand it. It is a very real fear for me that will take time and of course money to overcome but I am positive that I will.

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