Woah, stop the rules!

I wrote a post a while ago about wearing what you want and it received some good feedback, this is sort of a follow up post because seeing titles like “Avoid this fashion faux pas” or “How to wear this if you are a certain body type” or “Do not wear this with that” irritate me just as much as they did the day I wrote that piece.

I must admit that I was guilty of this because I do write fashion pieces for some publications and also did the “do’s and don’ts” articles but have given that up for a while now because it is something I am so against!

I am all for tips, tips are good and can genuinely help but when it becomes a rule, then we are heading into irritation territory. Irritation because they are so contradictory to what fashion is supposed to be about – self expression. Am I not right in saying that only you know yourself therefore you know what you like and what you don’t, you know how you would like to wear things, you know what suits your body, despite being told that if you are an apple shape you must NOT wear this?

It becomes even worse when the article is for “plus size” people because apparently there are even more rules for ladies with bigger curves, a larger bust or a good set of “boude”.

It does not make you any less of a “fashionista” for not following the rules now does it? In fact, it makes you interesting because if I see you in the crowd colour blocking with six different colours rather than two or three, I am going to notice you and you are going to be interesting.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that to love fashion or be fashionable you must be eccentric and out there but perhaps you shouldn’t follow all those irritating rules because an appreciation of fashion is an appreciation of a form of art and art should not be copied, it should be created so YOU have to create your style.

Forgive me for being a grouch but I am bored to death of the fashion content we are given, I am tired of the stupid rules and I am over the judgment.


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