For the little and big girls

This post has been one of my most popular to date and through sharing and commenting on other blogs with a similar topic I had a mother confess to me the troubles of her beautiful young daughter (I will keep this lovely mother anonymous) but I have seen her daughter, I have heard stories about her daughter so in a way I “socially” know her daughter and she is a beautiful, intelligent girl with a bright future in front of her, unfortunately the light of this future could be dimmed by the world, by the media industry, by little girls in her school.

In primary school, the body goes through changes, for some these changes happen earlier than others, for some this change is welcomed but for the majority, this change is dreaded and hated because of that same world, that same media industry and those same little school girls I mentioned earlier.

The story really brought out emotions in me and after a few days thought I now know that there are three reasons why; The first being it really hit home, the second is that I have decided that I want to fight, fight for women and their bodies. Lastly, the thought of a young girl who should be celebrating beautiful body changes which are paving the way for her to grow into an amazing young lady not embracing the changes because of teasing and nastiness makes me incredibly sad!

I developed earlier than most of the girls in Primary school and was also subjected to some teasing, some questions, some embarrassment and a stare here or there. Because of this I wore baggy shirts, I tried to hide my womanly bits and I even formed a hatred against them. So I understand and I am scared…

I am scared for the way girls are growing up, obviously the body obsessions of adults, their mothers, their sisters, their favourite celebs and magazines are going to influence the way they feel about themselves and the way they will feel towards their bodies so I want to say to the little girls;

Don’t be afraid of the changes, they are natural, they are beautiful and you may not realize it now but these are vital elements of growing up and becoming a woman. They are also inevitable so whether you want them to happen or not, they are going to so when they do, embrace them! You may get teased, you may not like how it feels or how it looks BUT just imagine that these womanly changes didn’t happen? You wouldn’t be able to have your own children, you wouldn’t grow up to be like your mom or sister. Your body is your everything and believe me when I say it never lets you down so appreciate it, love it and enjoy it. Your body is you, your body is your life!

Even as adults, there are millions of women who still hate the changes, who still feel the need to constantly change themselves so to them I say;

Be grateful! Your body has taken you through years of fun, love, excitement, adventure. Without it what would you be? How can you hate something that is yours and that will forever be yours on earth? You know deep down that you cannot look like anyone else so stop wishing for that, stop putting your body and mind through the traumatic experience of hate and diet pills, quick fixes and pressure.

To every woman, young or old, embrace it, love it, enjoy it,


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