A powerful message to start your day

This morning the lovely Cath Jenkin shared these on Facebook and being one of the first things I saw, these have set the tone for today which I have now decided is acceptance day!

These are powerful and speak to so many women that I couldn’t not share. They are done by Brazilian illustrator Carol Rossetti who I am now following on Facebook. It was so hard to choose one or two few to feature because so many of them touch those soft spots so I have shared quite a few but believe me they are all worth reading, enjoy!


10616647_661500953969451_5972177528262993629_n 10469466_667521986700681_3384921209118430330_n 10402890_667522000034013_250313244462674598_n 10438139_667521996700680_386988175548542849_n 10633347_670093793110167_2595454030451649746_o 10679761_673646666088213_3257469248979891530_o 10687930_674562179329995_3938409462592020697_o 1911902_10152456465671028_1853240493422589294_n


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