I dare you…

I was browsing PLUS magazine last week and with each page I turned I saw a beautiful, strong and confident woman, she wasn’t the average woman you would see in a fashion or any magazine for that matter because she wasn’t a size 8, but she was an average woman because she wasn’t a size 8.

I then wondered how anybody could say there is anything wrong with the ladies in this magazine because all I see are real women who are dressed well, have beautiful smiles and confidence in their eyes, women who you can see take pride in themselves so what could possibly be wrong with a woman like that? Well society says the number on the scale and the size on the back of her pants is what is wrong with her and that she shouldn’t take pride in herself because she is on the cover of “PLUS” magazine. Plus size is basically a swear word, not to me, but to many. Being plus sized is offensive to a lot of people, not to me, but to many.

I then read Lena Dunham’s book, Not that kind of Girl (blog post coming about that soon) and one of the sentences that really stood out to me was this;

“I always get asked how am I brave enough to reveal my body but the question is more like how am I brave enough to reveal my imperfect body, but I doubt Blake Lively would be subject to the same line of inquiry.”

That is the absolute truth! I know that I have often commented on how brave Lena is but never ever how brave a thinner actress is to remove her clothes. Those thoughts are what is wrong with the world. I shouldn’t be thinking that and neither should you because she is not brave, she is herself!

This morning I read an article on Hello Giggles about a survey done by Glamour Magazine which shows that woman are more self conscious about their bodies now than they have ever been, you can read that here. That made me sad because nearly every single woman in this world is hating on her body, the body that has been so good to her, the body that carries her and allows her to live her life as she needs and wants to.

The whole thing makes me sad, I am not here to say it is okay to overindulge and eat your heart out, I am not saying that it is okay to be unhealthy but I am saying it is okay to be you, it is okay to love yourself with all your imperfections.

So I dare you to be more tolerant and accept those who are not your idea of a perfect mould.

I dare you, as an imperfectly beautiful woman to love yourself and to stop hating on your vessel and to start appreciating it and apologizing for all the hatred you have thrown its way.

I dare you to not be part of a statistic that proves the world hates itself

I dare you stop being judgmental and stop assuming that it takes a brave woman to show her body if she is bigger

I dare you to stop obsessing over numbers – numbers on the scale, numbers on your clothes, numbers of likes on an Instagram photo

I dare you to build a relationship with yourself and your body.

Here is all the proof you need to realize that your body is your body and that it can never look like anyone else’s even if you are the same weight



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