Dear Lena Dunham

First off I must say I am obsessed with you, kind of how you obsessed over death, maybe a little less, but either way, I am obsessed!

I just finished reading your book Not That Kind of Girl and I really enjoyed it, there were lessons in there (perhaps not all the ones I was expecting and I am really hoping for another book which answers our questions and in which you can teach us more). I laughed so many times and because of watching Girls and Tiny Furniture and following you on social media (not in a stalkerish way, but more as an admirer) I found myself thinking “that’s so Lena” or “I could imagine Lena doing that.” You have opened yourself up to us so we feel like we sort of know you and it is so refreshing because you know this world and you know your industry, nobody is transparent and everybody tries to hide their flaws but not you. It makes you real, it makes you a modern day heroine and it makes you a good role model and teacher.

After reading your book I realized we have a lot in common, I don’t have OCD (that I know of) but I do obsess over certain things (not on an extreme level, which is why I don’t think I have OCD) and I have also thought I have had multiple diseases and problems with myself that I actually didn’t. I too am a writer (not established but I love it so much I don’t necessarily need to be). We both adore Taylor Swift (this wasn’t in your book but I know from social media) and we both wear panties (sometimes even granny ones). I have also been a yoyo dieter and have kept food diaries.

You may carry five different types of pills in your bag, have a history with veganism and have had some dodgy sexual experiences but you are real. And what the world needs more of is real! I felt empowered and inspired after reading your book because you have always been YOU and look where you have gotten yourself with determination, passion, charm, self love, honesty, transparency and a touch of crazy so I can be fine as myself and succeed too. Now that I think about it I don’t think one can succeed long term without being yourself.

You have made so many things okay which I know SO many women are grateful for! You are just like us, hungry, sometimes fearful and confused.

You have also made me learn to appreciate and “idolize” for lack of a better word things beyond good fashion, a toned body, a good hair do and a great pose on the red carpet. People look up to you not because you are a celebrity but because you are genuine!

Most of the time I hate this world we live in, the body obsessions, the fear of even the smallest things and the pressure but then someone like you comes along and makes it better by breaking the mould.

You are that person that if I was given the chance to meet anyone dead or live I would choose because you fascinate me.

P.S can I have these sunnies?


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