Oh my Gumtree!

There are many of us who can appreciate a good thrift haul because who doesn’t want more for less? But thrifting isn’t always pretty – the smells, the overstocked small shops and the risk of a wasted trip if you don’t find anything you fancy but what if there was a way you could shop online for cheap second hand goods? Gumtree!

Everybody knows of Gumtree and many use it all the time to buy and sell things like electronics, books, furniture etc. but have you Gumtree fans ever browsed through the fashion category on Gumtree? It wasn’t something I did immediately when discovering the site but is now something I do daily.

Gumtree’s fashion category is like modern online thrifting and is perfect for the frugal fashionista such as myself and also those who want a bargain but aren’t necessarily into vintage items. From branded clothes and accessories to cheap shoes, you can find some real gems online without having to get your hands dirty.

I have sold so much on Gumtree and also purchased a lot and am currently on the lookout for my dream wedding dress so Durban girls, put your dresses on Gumtree, I might buy yours 🙂

A few of the things I have bought to date;

– A cool pair of Ray Ban sunglasses at a steal for only R350 (this have since been sat on and broken which makes me sad but I did have some good times in them)

– Lots of sling handbags

– A black trench coat which was also a steal at R150

– Lots of accessories (some made by people and others just being sold)


– My current bookshelf (which I now need to upgrade because it is full to capacity)

A few things I am looking to buy;

– A wedding dress

– Another pair of awesome branded sunnies for a good price

– More sling bags and accessories (a gal can never have too much)

– Possibly a Kindle if I find one at a really good price (I already have a tablet which I read off but as a serious bookworm, I think I deserve a Kindle)

– Paperback books

– Another bookshelf

– Anything that is cool and is at a bargain price

Here are some things I spotted while browsing


1 – 9 books for R300

2 – Wedding dress R3000

3 – Kindle & cover R800

4 – Genuine leather laptop bag R350

5 – Shabby chic bookshelf R375

Obviously you must always meet in public places to collect goods, don’t pay for things before you have seen and made sure they are in working order and always be safe!

You are now free to browse and bargain hunt!

Gumtree is modern day online thrifting at its best.





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