Working on it

“Life is hard”

“I don’t know enough about fashion”

“I like way too many things”

“I look pregnant in this outfit”

“Why do I always compare myself, my lifestyle, my body, my blog to others?”

“I hate pretentiousness”

“I don’t have enough clothes, I don’t have enough anything”

“I am broke and its not even month end”

“Her everything is better than mine”

These are just a few of the thoughts that run through my mind daily and now that I have written them, they are actually quite sad because non of them are positive. I thought I was a positive person and I am when it comes to being positive for other people and other people’s things but am rather negative about my own life, my own blog, my own body and why? COMPARISON!

I find myself constantly comparing everything, it has become a nasty habit that has taken me hostage and is making me its bitch! But I am working on changing that because I have found myself, I know who I am, I am a real person and I actually do like myself, I sometimes make people laugh, I do silly things, I am a little awkward at times, I obsess over things all the time but that’s fine because that is me.

What is not me is a size 30, I am not a perfectly-put-together-24/7 fashionista, I will never be an assertive person and I will never be flush towards the end of the month because I love shopping too much (shopping before saving, terrible I know)

If I know myself, if I know who I am then why do I compare myself to someone/something I know I can’t/won’t be, sometimes I compare to something I wouldn’t even want to be, just because.

Comparison is evil and nobody wants evil on their shoulders, you want the pretty angel who says nice things that make you feel good, who helps make the right choices for you, your life and your destiny.

I also know that from positive thinking and attitude comes a positive life!

So from now on my thoughts will go like this

“Life is hard but I love life”

“Fashion is always evolving so nobody can ever really know EVERYTHING about fashion”

“I am so lucky to like so many things”

“I got a tummy but so what?”

“I haven’t compared myself to anyone in days”

“I still hate pretentiousness”

“I have enough clothes to get by, but I would like more”

“I am broke but I have nice things to show for it”

“Nobodies anything is better than anyone else’s”

Life is a work in progress.



6 thoughts on “Working on it

  1. Dear lady! Start reading SARK : Eating mangoes naked, she clearly illustrates our madness! the key is to LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your body : join body love project on instagram. Read: Love your body love your spirit by SONIA CHOQUETTE. Come see me and massage you so you can feel POSITIVE about you.

    ALL YOUR THOUGHTS stem from Lack of LOVE for yourself.

    Yes, I am a big woman! guess what I was even bigger before, but I keep exercising, detoxing, keeping healthy and LOVING myself!

    I love you
    I am sorry
    Please forgive me
    Thank you

    are the greatest words you will speak to you body! try it!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Colleen.
      It is a work in progress and I am determined to love every inch of me!
      I have followed on Instagram and will look up on that book.
      Thanks for the advice – it really is priceless

  2. Hi Kez,

    When i started reading this post, I thought “Wow This is ME!!”

    Unfortunately life has made it acceptable to have thoughts like these about ourselves…At 14 i was size 30, slim and fit – at 16, I was size 38 and fitting into my mum’s jeans… It has been years of struggle mainly because i absolutely hate exercise and seem to love fueling my negative feelings with junk food (not to mention the family genes that seem to have all the woman in our family with beautimous thighs) – but i got down to size 32 and I’m keeping it in check which is even harder now.( I haven’t lost the thighs) Seems once you start working and becoming more independent you realise that you have your own money to spend on junk food and start making excuses like “My mum wouldn’t let me eat this, but shes not here”

    I’ve had my mum as support for years, She became a Weigh-less representative just so she could help me manage my eating.

    Staying positive became more and more difficult but there is a moment you have when its all come together – you look in the mirror and say to yourself “This is me – I love It!” The hard work pays off and you feel 100 times better having worked for it rather then accepting it like the rest of the world…

    Keep Positive! Keep working at it and always remember you have support!

    All my love

    1. Thanks so much for that comment Talya, means alot coming from you 🙂 it is so good to be honest and then know that I am not alone and also letting others know they are not alone. I hope to see you around here more often.

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