Durban fashion & shopping

As much as I research Paris and admire the architecture and even though my heart longs to visit New York to see those yellow cabs in real life, to walk along those busy streets and to admire the fashion – there really is nowhere I’d rather be than in Durban.

Durban suits me, it suits what I want my lifestyle to be, it suits my uber casual and laid back personal style and it just has so much to offer.

Durban fashion may not be as experimental as other fashion capitals, it may not be extremely elegant but we do have a sense of style. In fact, we are so suited to being a street style capital because we have a beautiful backdrop, we have a chilled and natural attitude, we also semi follow trends but most of the time just do what the hell we want to.

One of the best places to shop in Durban is The Pav because they have such a wide variety of stores to suit everyone’s fashion needs. Also, all of my favourite stores are bigger at The Pav.  Mr Price, Edgars, Jet, Jay Jays, Milady’s, Cotton On, Identity, Factorie, Legit, you name it, they have it!

Today is the last day to snap a pic of the fashion capital cutout, but tomorrow a new competition starts where you will create a mood board using items that The Pavilion fashion retailers now have in store and then once you have selected, you will be told which fashion capital you are. You will then stand a chance to win a R500 Pavilion voucher. Yes, that’s right, just for having some fun with fashion you can win!!!

Today you will find the cutout near Tom Tailor, snap a pic and then upload using the #lovepav hashtag.


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