Milan inspired everyday wear

As reported by all the big media names there was one standout theme/trend at Milan Fashion Week and it was brought to you by some of the biggest names such as Gucci and Versace so you know that it is legit. The high end brands that we look to for inspiration have come down to earth and have catered for the everyday girl with their more toned down ranges of everyday wear.

That’s right – the theme for Milan Fashion Week was everyday wear. In fact, Versace which is known for glamour gowns (even designing Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress) only featured two evening dresses in their collection.

Gucci based their collection on “dressing to please herself” which is interesting because I always feel like the trends of fashion week are forced on us. There is a lot of pressure when it comes to fashion and trends but I do think that personal style is becoming more and more important and expressive which therefore allows for a lot more acceptance. I think the high end brands and trendsetters are finally catching on and while still giving us beautiful and inspiring garments are making them more wearable and accessible.

Gucci S/S 2015. Image source:
Gucci S/S 2015. Image source:

Now that we know about all the trends thanks to all those fashion weeks we can start working on our new looks, especially those everyday looks.

What is your everyday style? What is your favourite store to shop at which stocks items that suit your style?

At Pavilion you can shop local but wear global. With stores that are fashion forward and stock all the latest trends at reasonable prices you don’t need to shop anywhere else.

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