Parisian chic

I am all kinds of obsessed with Paris – the beautiful architecture, the language, the love, the fashion, the femininity and pure beauty. It is something I pin regularly and Paris Fashion Week is the one I look most forward to (hello Chanel).

Although I have never been there, I am in love with Paris!

The French have flair and they know their fashion so Parisian Chic is not just a trend, it is a French fashionista lifestyle.


Do you want the flair? Do you want to be chick in Durban who actually belongs in Paris (YES PLEASE). Here are some tips to get a Parisian chic wardrobe.

Bon chic, bon genre – Good style, Good attitude (rough translation). You have to have the attitude to match the style. Confidence is key!

Don’t flash brands or wear in your face logos – One of the biggest French brands is Chanel and how simple, classy and classic is their logo? Exactly! Keep it simple and classy and less in-your-face. You will hardly ever spot a beautiful French woman using a Luis Vuitton bag.

Keep it neutral – Once again, having that French flair is about being more demure and keeping it low key.

Less is more – Don’t over accessorize, Parisian chic follows the less is more rule. Just look at Coco Chanel for inspiration.

No need to be high – Sky high heels? Nah! Stick to kitten heels, brogues, boots and pumps.

Did Coco Chanel ever look uncomfortable? When you search Parisian Chic on Pinterest do any of those beautiful French girls look uncomfortable? NO, because Parisian Chic is comfortable – just the right amount of feminine without doing anything over the top or underdone.


So now that you know how to get the look you need to buy the look so get to The Pav where you will be spoilt for choice. Maybe grab a croissant while doing your shopping.

Don’t forget that Pav has loads of competitions on the go at the mo – you can win vouchers by finding the Fashion Capital cutout and snapping a pic with it and then upload using the #lovepav hashtag (the cutout can be found near to Factorie today). Also, if you sepnd R350 or more you qualify to enter to win a trip to Milan.

*This is a sponsored post as part of the campaign



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