Win with Pav day 1

As I mentioned yesterday, the month of September is an exciting one for Durbanites because the competitions are on with The Pav.

The campaign officially kicks off todayso YOU get to start winning from today. Let me tell you how it works, I will be posting a picture of one of the stores in Pav along with some clues, you then have to guess which store, go to that store and snap a picture of the Fashion Capital cutout that will be in the store. You will get rewarded with a R200 Pavilion gift card if you are the chosen winner, easy right?

So today we start off with the leading producer of cut crystal in the world (you can Google this). Every girl wants to receive a gift from this store for her birthday, or any occasion really (perhaps the boys should go on this treasure hunt and buy something for a special lady while in store wink, wink, hint, hint)

Do you recognize something in this image? Then get to Pav
Do you recognize something in this image? Then get to Pav

Once you have figured out which store this in and visited the Pav, upload your picture onto any social media platform (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and use the #LovePav and #LovePavFashion hashtags. We might be contacting you to reward you.

Look out for tomorrow’s store and another chance to win with Pav.

Good luck and love Pav


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