Win with Pav this September

My first choice when I decide to go on a shopping spree is always The Pavilion. My reasons for this are simple – I know the mall like the back of my hand and all my favourite shops are bigger and better at Pav.

The Pav has recently undergone some serious changes, they now have an amazing food court with so much variety which is always busy and they have now revamped their website – it is more interactive and user-friendly. If you tweet using the hashtag #lovepav, your tweet shows up on the website.

That’s what’s up

Let’s get to down to the exciting stuff though – the fashion. This September, Pavilion along with some of Durban’s coolest fashion bloggers (myself included, you can be the judge on whether I am cool or not) are running a Fashion Capital Campaign which is exciting for you and I – you can win and I get to help you 🙂

It is really easy to win and if you keep an eye on my blog, my Twitter and my Instagram accounts you might just find yourself walking away with a prize.

In the meantime you can check out the Fashion Campaign catalogue, which features myself and the other bloggers as well as see what’s hot in some of the fashion retailers at The Pav.

The hashtags #lovepav and #lovepavfashion are going to be your new best friend 🙂

You can also follow The Pav on Twitter or like them on Facebook

The fabulous four participating in the Fashion Capital Campaign
The fabulous four participating in the Fashion Capital Campaign



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