On body politics

I don’t even know where to start this post because there is just so much I want to say but I don’t know how to get it out accurately and with the passion it deserves.

Basically I found a fantastic article today titled 14 Things every fat girl needs to hear. Of course I read it because I would be classified by some as a fat girl. While the article is quite risqué because it really addresses the things many don’t openly talk about like the worries a fat woman deals with when it comes to sex, it really triggered something in me. I then went to research the author, Jes Baker and came across her blog. She is a body advocate, and a damn good one at that. One of the things that stood out on her blog was the Shedding light on Collective beauty expose post which I love. Yes, there are shots of totally naked woman which some won’t agree with but the beauty of it is that they are all shapes and sizes, different races and ages but they all look confident and brave, which is what I want to be. There is just something about looking at these images that I cannot explain!

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Can you honestly look at these pictures and these (that is the full site for the expose) and say that these women are ugly and that they don’t deserve to love themselves?

I have tried over and over again to lose weight because I thought it would make me happy, I thought that if the number on the scale was low, my confidence would be at an all time high, I felt unequal and uncomfortable around people thinner than me and I hated on myself one too many times. But I have now gotten to the point where it is what it is, even if I lose 30 kilos I will still be me.

Yes, I am currently on a “weight loss” journey and am trying to get fitter and you may think that is a contradiction to what I am saying BUT I am not on this journey to look like a cover model, I am not on the journey to not be classed at plus size anymore, I am on it for my own health reasons. My cholesterol has been high every time I have had it checked and I suffer with terrible fatigue and migraines – the healthy changes I have made have helped that but they haven’t all of a sudden made me into super slim Suzy, which I am fine with because I am curvy and will always be – that is my body shape and I have come to accept that. I am not taking the easy way out by saying I am curvy and that’s it, I am being healthy and do choose my food wisely most of the time, I do exercise regularly and I have already lost 13 kilos since I first started my health journey last year.

I do not condone an unhealthy lifestyle or food addiction, but I do condone loving yourself. You cannot judge someone on their health or their fitness by looking at them and estimating their weight. In fact, you shouldn’t be judging anyone!

I suppose the reason for this post is to share those beautiful women with you and to just try and get a message across. I want all women to stop living in fear of their bodies and what other people think of them, I want all women to feel as happy and confident as these ladies in the expose do, I want women to appreciate what they have and stop wasting time wishing for something else.

The fact is you are who you are and it is time to start loving that person, you can work on all the rest later.

Jes Baker herself is absolutely beautiful and brave too, she puts herself out there all the time but look how happy she is despite her weight, what the scale says or what those nasty fat shamers say. Just watch this video where she makes a big announcement and you can tell how happy she is

Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight (because both are equally as tough) just make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Confidence and feeling good about yourself is a damn good reason because we all want to feel that way but you can be confident and love yourself right now, you really can, and you should!

I am really passionate about this topic because body and self love is one of the epidemics we don’t have to live with, it is one of the things we do have control over and put to a stop right now.



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