What matters most

I am in the process of trying to train myself to stop getting sucked into the world of materialism, the world where things like money, cars, brands, etc are what matter most. Where envy is the order of the day, you are either envious or want to be envied.

I don’t have any materialistic things for anyone to envy – I don’t own a car, my wardrobe consists of mainly Jet and Mr Price (which I love) and the most expensive thing I own is a toss up between my cellphone, my fridge and my tablet so what does that mean? It means in the big bad world of “look what I have” I would be the envious one. The last thing I want to be is envious!

What I do have that some would envy and that I would certainly envy if I wasn’t me is a fiancé who understands me and who has loved me for a whole seven years, through my worst and my best times, I have an inherited family who has welcomed me into their lives with open arms which are always ready to give me the biggest and warmest hug when I need it. I have my own home, even though only one bedroom, which I pay for myself and which I filled up with my hard earned money from a job that I absolutely love. I have a mother who sacrificed, loved and taught me in a way that not one person on this earth could understand, and a father who wasn’t always there but who I know loves me deeply and who in his own right is a role model too. Then of course I have my friends who have also proven themselves so vital in my life.

So which would I choose?

1545628_467911933331462_647529865_nIt is very easy to love, appreciate and nurture all my relationships and not a day goes by where I am not grateful.

What isn’t easy though, is knowing what is enough. If you have these relationships, you have a home, you have a job, food, all the necessities, then that should be enough but somehow we always want more. This doesn’t mean we are greedy, it just means that we are human and part of this world. It is okay to want nice and new things but when it makes you genuinely unhappy or envious because you can’t have it, there is a problem and you need to re-evaluate. At the end of it all, the brand, the bank balance, the car, really doesn’t matter.

4 thoughts on “What matters most

  1. very wise words.. you are blessed to have found this out now, it took me lots of tears and frustrations to get to the point you are at already

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