Hopefully I have learnt my lesson

I feel like crap! I have a headache, I feel hungry but also not hungry, I feel so tired and lazy and all I want to do is get into my bed and sleep this day away.

It is, of course, my own fault that I feel like this because after weeks of eating well and regular exercise I fell off the bandwagon because it was my birthday, but I didn’t stop at one slice of birthday cake and I didn’t let my birthday last one day, I celebrated a birthday week, ate like there was no tomorrow and did absolutely NO exercise.

I could kick myself because I know how good I was feeling and how well I was doing and I just gave all that progress up for bad food that has made me feel so sick.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t let this happen when I started the challenge, I wanted old habits behind me and I wanted to be a health & fitness freak, I wanted to be that annoying person who constantly tells everybody about their progress and show off the healthy lunch I ate, and I was that person for so long until the old me just crept back into my mind and took over totally!

As I write this I could cry because I just feel so awful and am filled with anger, disappointment and regret. To say I am feeling sorry for myself is an understatement but I am trying to get up, I am looking online for inspiration, I am re-looking at all the transformation pictures I saved when I started the challenge and despite feeling so crap, I am trying to psych myself up to get back on track.

I know that I can do this, I have no doubt in my strength, I just HAVE to get my mind right, I need to stay focused on my goals and I need to remember this feeling every time I want to eat all the junk food so that I won’t even go there because it really is not worth it.

It is the beginning of a new week and there is no better time to start something, so this week I will start all over again and I will begin working on my mind set.

Hopefully I have learnt my lesson, hopefully there will be no more posts like this in the future and hopefully I can get rid of those old habits for good!




8 thoughts on “Hopefully I have learnt my lesson

  1. I know just how you feel. I have been lazy and eating all the wrong foods (and way to much of it!!) over the past week. I feel fat, sluggish and uncomfortable. And ashamed. Picking myself up and trying again. You are not alone!! xx

    1. It is the worst feeling, I cannot stand being so lazy and lethargic. Thanks for commenting and letting me know I am not alone, it definitely helps to have support from all sides.
      You and I are going to rock this week and by the end of it we ARE going to feel better 🙂
      Chin up huni

  2. We all have moments where we return to the bad habits. The key is to realised we slipped up and then return to the good habits. You’ve realised your mistake. Now forgive yourself, understand you’re human and start again. It’s ok! You’re still a wonderful person! Enjoy the journey, even if there are a few wrong turns and dead ends

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Claudz – I think we are way too hard on ourselves at times.
      I was just so upset at how I was feeling this morning, I hate the feeling of being so tired that you can hardly function.
      I am feeling much better now and am so motivated to just keep pushing.

  3. Hi there. I am sitting here reading your post and feel soo sad, I have also started on the challenge… and I understand fully how difficult it is to cut the bad habits. It is like they stalk you more now than ever before. But please don’t give up? There is a lot of support from everyone of us and we are all here if you need some motivating. Please remember that… if you need a shoulder or a good talking to. . Just shout. I will be there on the other side of this phone. All of the best of luck. I believe that this week will be great for you. You are a beautiful lady and deserve to be happy. Good luck

    1. Thank you Zeldine, your comment means so much to me. That is so true, the bad habits are just always there, nagging at you and pulling you down but I must work on my willpower so that I can just ignore them!
      It is so nice to know that there are people supporting me and rooting for me 🙂
      Good luck for this week, we will rock it 🙂

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