WIA Challenge update

So we are well into the Well I am challenge and I have really settled into my new lifestyle – I am always prepared, I read labels, I don’t overdo anything and I am exercising regularly. Surprisingly, it has been an easy transition from my old ways and I am enjoying the feeling of being “clean” despite a few cheats here and there. I have also stopped counting the days because as much as this is a challenge, I am not going to go back to my old lifestyle when the 100 days are up so there really is no need to keep my eye on the calendar. I have also stopped focusing on the scale because after a very rough patch (of gaining a few grams after a really good week and almost going into depression mode about it) I seeked advice and it was all the same – don’t weigh, measure! So overall the challenge is going well for me.

I can’t tell you how much I have lost, I can’t see a difference yet BUT I can feel a difference which is actually the most important thing. I haven’t measured in about two weeks and haven’t taken an updated photo so I actually can’t tell you where I am but I can tell you how amazing I am feeling. I have said it a thousand times and I will say it again, why would I choose to be unfit and unhealthy when being the alternative feels so damn good? A few moments of enjoyment cause tiredness and laziness whereas a good workout, while tough during it, makes you feel so good after that I will let that become my new addiction any day rather than obsessive and addictive eating.

I have learnt a lot as well, about myself, about food, about training so I thought I would share that;

– Even when you are lazy or had a hard day rather cook your food at home, you really don’t have an idea what is in premade food or takeaways.

– Water is SO important

– Even when you think you can’t go anymore, if you push yourself, the proud feeling afterwards is worth more than the sweat and tears

– Don’t overdo it, my first week and a half I didn’t take a rest day but I learnt very quickly how important those rest days are

– There are always ways to curb cravings whether it be with a healthy substitute or just going for a walk and getting your mind off it

– The right workout shoes are extremely important

– Preparation is key

– Don’t dread anything, don’t dread your workout and going home to prepare your dinner and food for the next day, just get your mind focused

– Weight training for woman works

– Missing a week of training really can take you three steps backwards so do your best to keep at it

– One slip up or cheat doesn’t mean you are doomed, it means you are human

Overall the Well I am challenge so far has been nothing but good.

Well I am will be hosting a Well I chat session on their Facebook page where anyone (not only challengers) can chat to the experts and ask any questions you have always wanted answers to. I will certainly be making use of this because while I have learnt a lot so far, there is still so much to learn.



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