Let’s talk about depression

Waking up to the news of the death of Robin Williams was a shock – he was a great, he was talented and he seemed to have it all (we would think that with him being a famous actor and all) but all the reports and articles point out that he didn’t, he may have had the money, the fame, the wife, the fans but he didn’t have a happy heart and mind – he suffered with severe depression, which is most likely the reason for him committing suicide.

The saddest part of all of this is the fact that Robin Williams, I mean ROBIN FREAKEN WILLIAMS felt like he had no way out but to end his life. We will never know what went through his head in his last moments and we will never know the pain he has suffered dealing with depression but now we MUST know how real and severe depression is. Depression now has a face – a face we grew up loving and laughing with, a face who one would look at but never know the struggle behind the eyes and the smile.

I honestly didn’t know he suffered with depression, but that is the problem, most of the time we don’t know who is suffering with depression, even if they are those closest to us because it is not something that is easily spoken about, it doesn’t roll of the tongue like an everyday sickness like flu does. It is not easy to admit you have depression and part of that reason is because there is so much judgment and so little understanding about this disease.

Nobody can fully understand what a depressed person goes through, the serious lows and the ups that never really get to a point high enough, the feeling of loneliness despite being surrounded by people, the feeling of life constantly letting you down, the black hole you feel like you are in with no possible escape.

I speak about depression like I know all about it and that is because I do – I suffer with depression and my mother suffers with bipolar disorder so I know all about suffering with it and loving someone who is suffering with it. It takes patience, it takes understanding, it takes knowledge to be the support system of a depressed loved one. It is a tiring disease, trying to constantly keep yourself up when everything in your body is pushing you down, sometimes without any reason.

Believe me when I say depression is not a form of attention seeking – no one wants to feel like this! It is also not something any would choose so let’s just get that out of our heads.

When depression chooses you the only thing you can hope for is to be surrounded by people who will understand and support you, who will listen and do their best to put any judgment aside

Robin Williams inspired this post and while his death is a tragedy and extremely sad, I really do feel there are numerous lessons behind it – Money and fame can’t buy happiness and depression is a very real disease that millions suffer with and the world needs to acknowledge, support and help each other rather than to judge and not believe in its seriousness.

Let’s respect the disease and respect those who suffer from it!



8 thoughts on “Let’s talk about depression

  1. It was a shock and I was surprised to learn of his battle with depression. And you’re so right about how the disease grips you, overtakes and overwhelms you. If you haven’t been there, you will never understand the deep dark hole.
    Well said xx

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