My new view on food

We are basically one month into the Well I am challenge and I can honestly say I am more focused and motivated than I have ever been, maybe it is because I really want to get to a good weight, maybe it is because of the prize money, maybe it is because it is a challenge and who can take a challenge lightly? But whatever it is, I am thankful for the focus and motivation because it has pushed me so hard and after a month, I have learnt so much about myself, my body and eating.

A month ago, I viewed food in an unhealthy way, food was my way to pass time and get through boredom, food was my comfort, food was my addiction, my life kind of revolved around food. Even if I was on a very tight budget and went to do my weekly shopping, I would make sure to have enough money left to buy my weekly slab of chocolate and packet of chips which I would eat in one sitting, while on my ass for a whole weekend. So what has changed in a month? The fact that I am eating what is right for my body and I haven’t died yet, I haven’t died of heartache, I haven’t died of boredom and I certainly haven’t died from not buying my weekly binge.

Food is a 10-15 minute (depending on how long you take to eat) activity which actually doesn’t change anything in your life except hunger. It doesn’t make bad feelings or depression disappear, it doesn’t make you enjoy your life anymore, it doesn’t create happiness and peace, all it does is refuel and you can choose to refuel in a good or bad way which can lead to either bad feelings and depression or create happiness and peace with oneself.

For 15 minutes of good taste you can undo a day or even a weeks worth of progress. I had a Snickers bar yesterday because I really felt like one and while I was eating it (which took 2 seconds) it tasted so good but a second afterwards the taste was gone but the sugar and fat was still in my body. I didn’t feel guilty afterwards because I really did want it and I have done so well that one cheat couldn’t hurt but I did realize how short that moment of enjoyment actually is. That saying a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips came to mind. So I must ask why our relationship with food is so messed up? We feel like we cannot live without junk food, we feel like our life is over when someone is eating pizza next to us, our mind keeps telling us we want this and we want that, but really, we don’t need it.

Maybe the fact that I feel so damn good while eating healthy is also helping my new views on food because it is simple, I feel like crap when I eat crap and I feel good when I put good things into my body. Why we all make it so complicated and difficult I don’t know because the proof is in the pudding.

I never thought I would be one of those people who would buy bottled water, I never expected my life to change so much when I decided to do this challenge, and I never thought it was possible to view food as fuel and to change my relationship with it. But I am that person, I am slowly becoming that health freak and I love it!







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