Day #11 and feeling good

So today is day 11 and I am feeling quite settled into my new routines and am getting the hang of all the food preparation (prep is such an important part in healthy eating).

I really cannot complain because I am still feeling so motivated, have ditched so many bad habits, have lost some weight, am feeling good and have awakened a little health fox inside of myself. Everything has become health and yes, it may be a little obsessive but it is with the aim of gaining all the knowledge that I can to prepare for a healthy lifestyle which continues after this challenge. It has even gone to the point that birthday list (birthday is in August, gifts are welcome) has done a complete 360, it has gone from fashion to fitness and now consists of a pair of awesome kicks, a Fitbit Flex and some weights. I know right, who am I?

Anyway, back to the challenge update, this week has had ups and downs which have mainly been because of the weather. Believe me when I say I cannot handle the cold! But it has ended on a high because I broke a very big habit – hot chocolate and have replaced it with tea (once again I ask, who am I?) and warm lemon water.

As for the exercise, it hasn’t gotten easier but that is because I keep on pushing – on Monday night I pushed myself to the point of nearly throwing up, I have been there many times but this was different, I really, really worked my body and felt it for most of this week.

I am still feeling so amazing and part of that is because I am working harder than I ever thought I would, I am pushing myself beyond the boundaries I unintentionally set for myself and I am just so excited for what’s to come.

I now face the weekend again and hope that this one will be easier than the last one. Motivational messages welcome 🙂


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