Week One Update

A full week of full on training and clean eating has got me feeling amazing! Despite having two rough days because of the weather and wanting to go back to old habits, I really cannot complain because I just feel so good!

To be honest, I didn’t expect it to be this way, I didn’t expect to feel so good so soon, I didn’t expect myself to be excited to get home to do my workout and I certainly didn’t think I would want to do another workout an hour after already having done one. I also expected to be hungry all the time but I’m just not!

I am not saying it isn’t hard because when my legs are burning and shaking and my heart is just about breaking through my chest it is pounding so hard, it is SO hard and on Sunday when I could just about taste that hot chocolate in my mouth because I wanted it so badly, it was bloody hard BUT the way I am feeling makes me instantly forget all of that. A few minutes after my workout I have forgotten about the jelly legs and dying and I just feel good – I feel motivated and I feel proud of myself. Today, after having got through two cold days and not having a single sip of hot chocolate, I feel excited because I have proven to myself – my worst enemy, that I can do it!

I could kick myself (a few times now actually with my fitness in progress) for not living this life earlier. It cannot be put into words what I was doing to my body, but basically, it was disgusting and WHY? For a few moments of flavor, a second or two of delight? I now feel a whole day of goodness which actually cannot be compared to those few moments!

To me, the way I am feeling is really surprising because how a week can make such a big difference is almost unreal but who doesn’t like surprises? And I welcome this one with open arms.

I did get on the scale this morning and I was happy with the results, however I am not going to share them just yet because I want to keep it to myself until the end where I can give you the final number and share the before and after pics with you.

One week down, 12 more to go!

P.S. This is my life right now




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