Day #6 you suck!

Today has been hard! It has been cold (for Durban, that is) and because of the weather I had a really lazy day in front of the TV with Orange is the new Black (Just started watching and obsessed) and my normal routine when watching series is to eat and drink all the junk food.

Also, I hate coffee and tea so hot chocolate or Milo is usually my go-to hot drink and if ever there was a time I wanted to go to the shop and buy hot chocolate or Milo today was it.

But, despite my desperation for something to warm me up inside (I really was cold today, I would never survive anywhere else but Durban) and even though I was so tempted to eat myself into a sugar coma while cuddled up on the couch with my series – I didn’t! I drank my water, I had a  healthy snack (more on that soon) and I cursed in my mind a few times so even though it was really hard, it was successful.

As for my workout, I didn’t want to do that either, the lazy day had gotten to me mentally and physically and I really just felt like I couldn’t do it….. but I did! I got out of my warm pj’s (yes I was in them all day) put my new sports bra on and some workout gear and I followed Billy Blanks for a good and warm Taebo workout. I was slightly lazier than I have been during the week and kind of half assed my way through the session but the fact that I did it after having to psych myself up for it for about an hour, is another success!

I learnt today that I am really determined to get fit and healthy and honestly feel like if I could get through today then the next 94 days will be just fine (I am not going to say a breeze because I know there are going to be tough times ahead).

I am positive for tomorrow because it is back to routine again and clearly I need routine in my life, now more than ever!

I knew that this wasn’t going to be easy because my lifestyle kind of did revolve around food and little to no exercise but I know that the end result is going to be worth it. I know and feel what my new lifestyle is doing for my mind and body so even though it is hard, it is my new life so I am going to suck it up so I don’t have to suck it in.



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