Day #1 done and dusted

So yesterday was the official start of the Well I am 100 day challenge (which you can still enter by the way) and I am sooo excited to be a part of it because not only is there great support, the best meal plans and amazing prizes to be won but I am so ready for to be a health and fitness freak – I want to buy cool gym clothes and get a kick ass pair of trainers, I want to feel good and I need to be fit.

Anyway, on to my day one feedback – it was easy and hard because I didn’t battle at all with the eating, in fact, I made such a delish lunch and dinner that I actually wondered to myself why I haven’t been eating that way everyday, but then the exercise is another story.

This was my chain of thoughts yesterday about the exercise I had planned to do

10:00 I can’t wait to go home and workout.

11:00 I am feeling so tired I could just fall asleep at my desk, hopefully after my exercise tonight I will feel better tomorrow.

12:00 I must work off that food I ate, even though it is healthy, I must lose weight, I need to win this!

13:00 I am going to kill that exercise tonight and it is gonna be amazing.

14:00 Can this day just hurry up so I can get my workout on.

15:00 Just an hour and a half till I feel the burn (I didn’t know how bad the burn would actually be)

16:30 Home time, the first thing I am doing when I get home is changing and getting right down to exercise business

17:30 Yeah, let’s do this

17:31 Oh my gosh, I can’t do this

17:32 I want to give up

17:33 I am dying

17:34 Somebody help me, I really am dying

17:35 I am going to vomit

17:36 I need a break so I am just going to lie on my cold floor and reassess this horrible decision

17:37 Back up, huffing and puffing but I will do this

17:38 Nope, I can’t do this

17:39 I HATE THIS!!!!!!!

17:40 Another break

17:41 I am going to eat less so that I don’t have to work so hard

17:42 How do people do this???????

17:43 I can’t even think I am breathing so hard and dying at the same time

17:44 Another break

17:45 Start, stop, start, stop, start, stop

17:46 Lots of swear words

17:47 How can I be so unfit?

17:48 Getting angry with fiancé for telling me to just push because I am pushing

17:49 Again, I will rather not eat than do this

17:50 It burns, I can’t move

17:51 I am done, I will do better tomorrow

That was a pretty weak start and I was disappointed in myself because I kept thinking that it will do nothing and that I do need to push myself but the fact is, I haven’t done any form of exercise for a verrrry long time so I can’t expect miracles. It is going to be hard, it is going to burn, I am going to want to throw in the towel (probably every time I do my workouts) but it will get easier, I think the burn will grow on me and I will NEVER throw in the towel!

Today I am less hard on myself because my heart was beating faster and I was sweating which is usually something that never happens so already I have achieved something. I feel excited again for my workout tonight and I know it is probably going to kill me AGAIN but that’s okay because I feel more alive now than ever!






5 thoughts on “Day #1 done and dusted

  1. Well done Kerry! I always get told not to forget that it didn’t take a day to put it on, it won’t take a day to loose it. Soon you’ll feel great and have more energy, be fitter and looking for fun things to do. Also I find social excersize like Parkrun is a great motivator.
    You can do it!!

    1. Thanks Jane 🙂 that is true, it has taken me a few years to get to where I am today but believe me it is not going to take a few years to get it all off, I am going to work hard! I am going to look into Parkrun, do you do it? A buddy would be cool

      1. Hey, yes I do the North Beach Parkrun when I’m free and able (which lately has been few and far between). It’s a great easy flat course which is perfect for easy walk/ running. I’m keen to partner up a week if you want?

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