Well I am going to be fit & healthy

Sooo the time has come for me to pick up where I left off on my journey to health and fitness, I have joined the Well I am Challenge which is certainly a step back onto the road of being healthy and happy!

It has been a while since I have been conscious of what I eat and have done any exercise which obviously means the kilos have flown back on and I am feeling crap again but I am in the right place again mentally and am ready to give my all to my weight loss journey.

I felt there was no better way to get back into the swing of things than to do a challenge – I will have to put in a lot of hard work, there is a lot of competition and I am hungry (not for food) for results. The Well I am challenge is one of the best challenges out there because it offers so much, from a great bunch of goodies when you sign up to a whopping R20 000 prize for the biggest transformation and all the bits and bobs in between (online community, exercise plans, eating plans, etc.)

I am excited/nervous/anxious/motivated for the challenge but I am going to give it everything I have got and I know I will see results.  Tomorrow is the first of a hundred days where I will have to be extremely disciplined and motivated but I am ready.

It is not too late to sign up for the challenge at http://www.welliam.mobi/register or you can go here if you need more info

10419402_639980769420665_4550117863395381611_nI have also pledged to be part of the #wia100healthydays campaign which you can do too, for free. Go here to pledge and enjoy 100 healthy days with me.

I will be documenting my journey through the whole challenge which will include the bad days and how I get through them as well as everything else.




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