Wear what you want

So you know I write fashion every now and then, you also know that I am curvy but what you don’t know is that despite “knowing”, loving and constantly researching/staying on top of fashion, the trends and the do’s and don’ts I hardly follow the rules.

I am not typically a rule breaker but when it comes to fashion there are so many rules, especially for curvy girls that restrict us me so even though you think I can’t/shouldn’t wear certain stripes – I will wear them and I will show you how happy I am without your stupid rules.

The fashion world is one big contradiction because one minute they’re saying “fashion is your personal creative outlet” and the next they’re saying “only a tall girl can wear this”  which makes absolutely no sense. “Fashion can be a reflection of your mood” well what if I am the mood to be a hippie but the boho trend is so last season?

Depending on what fashion means to you, you will either be a rule breaker or you won’t.

I have a huge appreciation for writers, stylists, magazines that give you tips, ideas and advice however I have absolutely NO time for someone who thinks they can say who should wear what because, as much as you may think I can’t rock a thinner waistband on my pants because of my muffin top, I think I can wear a baggy top to hide it or I could pull them up a little higher to avoid muffin top. You cannot make a rule for how I dress my body because you don’t know my body, I do. You don’t know where I need to cover up and where I don’t, but I do.

Some girls will walk out of the house in something you or I would never even attempt but that doesn’t mean it is a faux pas which brings me to my next point – Who actually gets to decide these things? Who gets to make up these rules and who has the right to judge? Yes, you may be an editor who has a closet full of the best clothes and you pair them together to perfection but that doesn’t make you an expert on ME! I am a massive hater of the show Fashion Police because I cannot believe a TV show has been made out of four (or however many) “professtionals” (what professions again?) who sit around and make fun of others fashion choices, WHO ARE THEY?

So if you see me wearing leggings three times a week and want to judge, go ahead! Just know that I am so comfortable! I am not your typical fashion writer because as much as I love fashion, I do also love food and I like being comfortable and expressive of who I am, not who anyone says I should be, and sometimes this means I dress like I don’t know a thing about fashion but whether I do or not (FYI, I do, I live fashion) I am not about to be a walking contradiction who believes the world is my runway but I can only wear what a designer puts on me or what someone tells me to wear because I say I will wear what I want.

Life is way too short to dress for other people and there are too many options out there to try and experiment with so don’t be held back by a list of do’s and don’ts.




5 thoughts on “Wear what you want

  1. So true about Fashion Police! It’s not they are the most fashionable bunch of people themselves and while they sit and judge other people at home sit and judge them. I think you got it right – nobody knows your body like you do and how to dress it. It’s all about comfort and confidence, whatever makes you feel good about yourself. Wear it! And with fashion nowadays pretty much anything goes so I say wear whatever makes you feel like You and feel great about yourself.
    X Sofie

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