Searching, searching

Life is all about searching – if we are not searching for ourselves, we are searching for the approval of others, sometimes we are searching for the meaning of life or we are simply searching for our keys. Either way, we spend a lot of time searching!

I thought by 25 the search would be over but the reality is that I haven’t allowed myself to stop searching. When life has given me answers to questions I have asked, I have often ignored them. When life/God/people have mapped out paths for me to follow, paths that I have asked to be lit up, I have chosen to go a different way, a way that was dark.

I am still searching because I haven’t accepted.

I can continue searching, but I must make sure the search is pure and good, not selfish and caused by self doubt.

I must accept the findings of my search, I must accept myself, I must accept those around me, I must accept my circumstances, I must accept life’s challenges.

With acceptance, my journey and my search will be brighter.





4 thoughts on “Searching, searching

  1. Acceptance is not always easily found.. mostly because we are blind to our own reality and are always searching for an improved version of ourselves.


    For instance, I am an opinionated asshole.. but refuse to accept this and keep thinking that I am a yet undiscovered movie star.. I am getting closer to the truth as I get older but I still wear my tutu and tiara whenever possible (just in case)…

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