Wear what you want

So you know I write fashion every now and then, you also know that I am curvy but what you don’t know is that despite “knowing”, loving and constantly researching/staying on top of fashion, the trends and the do’s and don’ts I hardly follow the rules. I am not typically a rule breaker but when it comes to fashion there … More Wear what you want

Searching, searching

Life is all about searching – if we are not searching for ourselves, we are searching for the approval of others, sometimes we are searching for the meaning of life or we are simply searching for our keys. Either way, we spend a lot of time searching! I thought by 25 the search would be over but … More Searching, searching

The best thing about winter

The best thing about winter is the fashion – I love winter fashion, from boots and coats to the accessories. I’m a scarf girl so you will hardly ever see me without a scarf in winter. Here are a few of my faves from local stores. What is your favourite winter accessory?