On… Brands and blogging

There has been so much talk on Twitter and blogs about PR companies and brands recently and I have loved reading all of them but this morning I read a blog post which made me angry! I then received an email with regards to this which has made my blood boil so if you can imagine me right now, I am bashing at my keyboard!

Cyber bullying is a very real thing and until this morning I actually had no idea that there was so much bullying from brands and PR! You see, I am not one of those bloggers that receives something every day and gets invited to every cool event, BUT I am a blogger and I have been around long enough to know what it is all about and to know the goings on in this crazy world (it really is a world, and not one for the faint hearted) so after reading a bloggers story (I will not name anyone BUT, best brands be warned that if they continue treating us like this, we will start naming and shaming very quickly) it has naturally made me want to stand up and speak, shout even!

This blogger is one of my absolute favourites – I can always rely on her for an honest review and opinion. She is an ethical and honest blogger who I know is very much valued in the community. Besides her amazing blog, she too, is a beautiful person inside and out. I haven’t had the opportunity to meet her in person but we clicked a long time ago and since I have followed her life on Twitter, her pics on Instagram and her blog posts so yeah, we’re friends (and nobody messes with my friends) and this morning I see she is sad, I see that she has gone through a tough week of doubt about her blog and not wanting to do what she loves because of a brand!

PR companies and brands need to learn that dignified bloggers are not puppets – we are not going to dance to your beat, we are not going to say what you want us to say, we are going to say what we want to because it is OUR blog and OUR voice and OUR opinion. If YOU choose to send a blogger your product and they don’t like it or prefer another product or brand, unless they bad mouth your brand for the wrong reasons and say inappropriate things then the professional thing to do would be to accept it, not bully them!

By sending a blogger something, YOU are taking a risk because they might not like your product, but then another blogger might so you have to take the good with the bad and it is genuinely hard to create something that everyone is going to love because we don’t all love the same thing, that’s life! PLEASE don’t assume that because you are giving free stuff that we are going to kiss your ass, because we won’t. And those who will are blogging for the wrong reasons and are probably not as valued because they are technically liars and probably have a smaller following because it is actually very obvious which bloggers blog for the wrong reasons, so PLEASE, by all means, go and find those bloggers who will do anything for free stuff, including suck up, even though your product stinks like crap or they broke out in a huge red rash from your soap.

Just from reading the comments left on said blog,  I know that there are many who are in support of this blogger and 100% agree that she did absolutely nothing wrong. I also know that we are all secretly cursing this brand for making a valued blogger feel this way. So because one blogger didn’t say/do exactly what you expected you have actually made enemies out of other bloggers.

I get that bloggers and brands make mistakes and many of us are still in the process of learning but there is never a need to be nasty and if we all play nicely and work together we can create something amazing! Let’s stop making this blogging business ugly. Let’s stop comparing blogs, let’s stop putting so much pressure on ourselves and one another, let’s go back to basics and stop doing it for the wrong reasons. Let’s start supporting and helping each other and remembering why we all started our blogs in the first place.





2 thoughts on “On… Brands and blogging

  1. I almost burst into tears while reading this and I am still struggling not to cry while at my desk (at work…LOL…I don’t want to have to explain myself to my co-workers). Thanks for being such an incredible blogger and an even better friend. Sending you lots of hugs and love XXX

  2. I love this Ke. any good brand manager and marketer knows you cant get 100% positive feedback and to use the negative constructivly. whover bullied this blogger made a huge mistake. Lesson 1 in branding dont mistreat your customers, and bloggers are very much customers. good for you for saying something and you right, we need to do this for the right reasons or its just a joke.

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