A room without books is like a body without a soul

I love books, I love everything about books – I love going into book stores, I love placing them in my bookshelf, I love reading them, I love the “book hangover”, I love the places my mind has visited and the people I have “met” because of books.


I promised myself that I am going to spend less time watching TV and more time reading books because they make me feel good, they grip me in a way that can’t actually be explained (well, most of them anyway) and I appreciate them more than many things on this earth so why not dedicate hours on end to them? I am even contemplating making a special reading place at home just because it will make my life to read an amazing book with awesomeness surrounding me.

I just finished re-reading Adorkable by Sarra Manning which is one of my absolute favourite books ever! Sure, it’s probably aimed at a younger version of me (the characters are in High School) but it is a book that I can honestly say is a mini bible to me. There are so many lessons in those pages, there is inspiration, there is acceptance and love, there is everything I love in a book.

Basically the main character Jeane Smith is her own kind of person, she lives by her own rules and loves who she is and what she does (that’s the dream right). Sure, she has her faults and at times you don’t like her but her outlook on life is colourful and optimistic, she inspires people, she brings people together and she learns. I would love to know a person like Jeane Smith in real life because she took me on a journey, she taught me and she

Actually it wasn’t Jeane Smith who took me on a journey, it was Sarra Manning, and that is the beauty of books – they take you to places you’ve never been, they introduce you to people who probably exist around us, they are a way to pass time or a way to exit the crazy would we live in and step into someone else’s. The fact that a person can create all of this amazes me and I have the utmost respect for authors and writers!

I cannot imagine a life without books, days without reading and a life without words and imagination. Call me a nerd, tell me I live in a fantasy world, try bring me back to reality, I won’t even hear because I’ll be too busy reading a book with a beautiful plot and characters who I wish I could be friends with. Just give me a book and leave me alone!

P.S I am now moving onto reading something different – If you have to cry, go outside by Kelly Cutrone (another powerful and inspirational woman)



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