Beauty is…. me

Dove never ceases to amaze me – they are constantly coming up with all sorts of ways to try and help us women, us, who have so little confidence, us, who only find faults with ourselves, us, who haven’t learnt to love ourselves. In a crazy, fast paced, looks and body obsessed world, we need more of this! We need more support as real women, not photoshopped women or those who spend 12 hours a day in the gym but rather those of us who have 9-5 day jobs, houses to keep clean and boyfriends/fiancés/husbands/kids to feed, the real women who live real lives.

I watched Dove’s new video with misted eyes because up until about a month ago I was one of those women, I was someone who would potentially spend money on a beauty patch to try and help my confidence and to feel more beautiful. Notice, I said I was.

I recently changed my life from overweight, unhealthy, unhappy to a positive one, not only one where I am losing weight and getting healthy physically but one where I am attempting to get healthy mentally. You see, up until a few months ago, I thought if I could just lose some weight and be healthier, I would be happier and more confident but even after shedding 15 kilos, I still wasn’t happy with myself, I still didn’t feel as confident as I wanted to BUT with some help from my beautiful friends Kirsten and Aimee, I changed my initial journey (of becoming physically healthy and losing weight) slightly, I took on more of a challenge, one to be healthy and happy!

So far so good because after reading an amazing book (which I am still not finished) that has literally changed my life and chatting to friends I came to the realization that my inventor, my God did not create me and wish he had done differently, He didn’t make a “mistake”, this is how He wanted me, this is who I am meant to be and what I am meant to look like and no matter how much weight I lose, I will still look the same, just thinner so who am I to hate/dislike myself? I am basically slapping my inventor in the face and saying you did it wrong!

I am not one to get into religion on my blog and the above refers to my belief in God (I am Christian) but the same can apply to anyone because whoever you believe created you, you have to believe they did it with purpose and that they didn’t make a mistake with anything.

I fully believe that beauty is confidence and self-love so anyone can be beautiful! Beauty is not out of anyone’s reach, for some it may be higher than others, depending on how you feel about yourself right now and what you intend on doing to change it, but it is there for the taking!

I am learning to love myself, I am learning to dress how I want to dress, I am learning to stop worrying about what others think of me – I am not completely transformed yet but I can feel a big difference in my life, I can feel my confidence coming, I can feel the love growing.

I strongly suggest you take time to work on you, not to change yourself but rather to learn to love yourself. Whether it is surrounding yourself with confident people, reading self help books (no shame in that) or watching more Dove videos, just do it!



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