DBN Blogger Meet #2

Obviously the #DBNbloggermeet wouldn’t have been the same without the bad ass goodie bags we received. Everything in these bags of awesomeness was sponsored so a BIG THANKS needs to go out to each and every one of the sponsors.

It is a long list and I urge you all to check out these brands because obviously they rule!

Sponsors: Hashtag DBN, Smith’s Bake Shop, Drakensberg Chocolate Memories, Zomato, Le Creuset, Anna Louise Sleepwear, A New Weigh, Consol, Fry’s Family Food, Lenovo, Blend Box Body Products, Swee & Moo, Clarins, Essentials Magazine, Filo Yoghurt, Golden Cloud, Rubybox Beauty, Greenleaf Olive Oil, Huawei, Ice Box Colors, John Freida, Stila Beauty, Lou Harvey, Madame Macaron, MyScoop, Oh So Heavenly, Optiphi Products, Penguin Books, Cooee, Debonairs, Pilosophia Botanica, Ponds, Rebelink Studios, REN Skincare, Rondavel, Royal Dansk, Elephant Shoe Stationery, Second Treasures Decor, Synergy Hair Products, Tasha’s Fudge, Thierry Mugler, Thrift Collection, Uber, Wakaberry, Washi Bug, YW Couture, Grazia Mag, Cooee

(Thanks to Fathima from Happiness is… who so kindly allowed me to copy her sponsor links because I lost my whole post and was on the verge of tears)
A very bad image of the goodie bag contents (not even all of them)
A very bad image of the goodie bag contents (not even all of them)


A massive thanks also needs to go out to the ladies who organized it – Michelle, Verushka and Nicola. Not only did you give us a memorable day but introduced many of us and helped with a foundation for possible friendships.

Our very own Durban Oprah's
Our very own Durban Oprah’s

Of course, us blogger gals may not have been so happy and chirpy if we had empty stomachs so a shout out must go to HASHTAG restaurant who sponsored the venue and food and drinks as well as Smiths Bake Shop and Madame Macaron.

Meat ala King pizza
Meat ala King pizza


Smith’s Bake Shop & Madame Macaron



To Lenovo – you are wonderful! I am loving every second spent on my Yoga tablet. So easy to use, so light weight, easy to handle – I can’t say enough about it so thank you for being there and thank you for picking me as the winner 🙂

Proud owner of a brand new Yoga
Proud owner of a brand new Yoga

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all involved in making this day awesome!

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