Health & Wellness Wednesday

My friends and I had a picnic on the weekend and because we didn’t know any better opted to all bring/make the unhealthy snacks – sausage rolls and cheese puffs, cupcakes and chocolate squares which is obviously no good for my Weigh-Less, but I ate them anyway because they were there and it was a picnic.

Often, healthy snacks seem too boring or we just don’t have as many ideas so I got researching and found some ideas which all look as interesting (the look is quite important) as they taste I am sure. I found them all on Cooking with Dr.Olivia but my favourite (because of the ease and just the way it looks) was this lettuce cup

Cooking with Dr.Olivia
Cooking with Dr.Olivia

It is plain and simple and I’m sure you could stuff the lettuce leaves with other fun and creative foods.  I didn’t post the recipe because it is basic and you can use the idea to create whatever you like.

This is what my picnics are going to be looking like in the future and yours?




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