How we see ourselves

How do you see yourself? How different is it from the way others see you?

I was out on the weekend shopping with my girls (as one does after payday) and I did as I usually do, browse all my favourite stores, spot something I like and search for the biggest size, only this time, thanks to my friends, I had a moment of clarity.cd05c0215d44c7f1e2c2f21a11c3d53a

To cut a long story short, my friends helped me buy the right size underwear (which fits so perfectly and comfortably it is like heaven)  because I naturally grabbed a big size and even though I checked them and they looked really big, I honestly thought the size I had taken was correct and that the undies would fit (in fact, I was worried they were going to be too small). This made realize that I don’t see myself as 15 kilograms lighter (this is the total I have lost on Weigh-Less) which is why I still opt for the sizes I would have a few months ago but I have worked so hard to shed them so why am I selling myself short? It is clearly noticeable to others, which is why my friends thought I was crazy for wanting to buy the X Large when I am in fact, a large now (whoop whoop) so why is it so blurry to me?

If I have such a warped view on my weight, what else is warped? What else is blurry? Are my ears really that big? Are my stretch marks really that bad? Do I have enough cellulite to warrant not wearing shorts on the hottest days in Durban?

The sad thing is, is that I could be missing out on life because of how I see myself – I don’t go to the beach because then I would be forced to reveal an uncomfortable amount of skin, I don’t wear certain garments I love because I feel they won’t suit my body but my body is not as I see it, and lastly, I don’t love and accept myself as I should because of this blurred vision.

We never truly see ourselves as we are (DOVE proved this with their brilliant campaign last year) and I know for a fact that I am not the only one who is selling myself short so I am asking you to take a good hard look in the mirror tonight. Take those goggles off and see yourself, see your beauty, see your strengths, see yourself as you are, with no hate, no judgement and no comparison.


Imagine a world where we realized our potential and didn’t hold back because we don’t love ourselves, imagine slipping a pair of panties on that are a size smaller than you ever thought you were, imagine not hating on yourself every chance you get….. You can! It all comes down to you! We do this to ourselves, we refuse to stop comparing, we refuse to open our eyes to the fact that each and every one of us are made to be different right down to our fingerprint and that whatever your belief/religion is, we weren’t made “ugly”, we weren’t given this life to hate ourselves.

The moment you open your eyes to what really matters and to who you are (your accomplishments, your personality, your looks, your everything) you can live in a world where you can feel as happy as I did when that large fitted, despite all my doubts.


Maybe this moment would have come without them, but I am forever grateful to my ladies for their words of encouragement and telling me all the things I needed to hear.


4 thoughts on “How we see ourselves

  1. This is Beautiful Ke. so honest and true! we sell ourselves far to short far too often. I Love this!

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