Sixties flair with Ben Sherman

It is very rare that I find myself wanting everything I see in a campaign but I have found one where I have sat browsing the pics and thinking I NEED that with each different outfit I see. This is the Ben Sherman Fall/Winter 14 campaign and it is full on sixties chic which is equal to perfection!

Also, how beautiful is model Millie Loggie?

800x533xben-sherman-fall-2014-campaign4_jpg_pagespeed_ic_Eubh2KqR7s 700x885xben-sherman-fall-2014-campaign1_jpg_pagespeed_ic_D8x6wGEwiT 800x533xben-sherman-fall-2014-campaign2_jpg_pagespeed_ic_AbuJB5hX8F 800x533xben-sherman-fall-2014-campaign3_jpg_pagespeed_ic_zSE3wZHUjW 800x533xben-sherman-fall-2014-campaign5_jpg_pagespeed_ic_eRiTxY-cbe

You guys, I love this so much! Please can I have everything Millie is wearing?

**Images: Fashiongonerogue


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